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About Us

Cutting edge PR Strategies………Creating
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The Team at PremierPR is headed by Deepika Gunasekera, an astute Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations professional. She carries over 22 years of experience managing brands, strategically positioning corporate entities and creating Integrated Marketing Communications campaigns to reach out to varying target markets. Deepika gained her experience at multinationals such as Nestle and Chevron as well as at local blue chips in the league of the Maharajah Group.

She holds a bachelors in Mass Communication, Philosophy and French from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka .

Deepika has been extensively trained overseas and is widely travelled. The overseas exposure helps her to understand customer requirements and lead the team in formulating world class PR strategies.

As a Public Relations Consultant at a reputed Public Relations company, Deepika strategized PR campaigns for prestigious multinationals such as Carlesberg, Cathay Pacific Airlines and prestigious local companies such as the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Soon after her graduation in 1992, Deepika joined the premier multinational Nestle as a management trainee in Marketing. She gathered an immense amount of knowledge and experience in marketing during her career at Nestle as a Brand Manager which spanned over 5 years where she handled most of the well known brands.

She regularly contributes to the media on topics of social interest and importance in order to stimulate discussion of social issues especially relating to the uplifting of Sri Lankan Women. Deepika has been featured in several Magazines.

Deepika is a fluent speaker of the French language, reads Russian, and is a great singer and a dancer which are her favorite pastime activities!

Professional translators
Premier PR works with a professional team of translators who are well respected and leaders in their own fields. This helps to maintain the same spirit in which a message is communicated to the target audience.

Overseas PR
The experience and expertise of Premier PR’s Public Relations capabilities goes beyond the shores of Sri Lanka with the strategic relationships that have been formed as a leader in the field. Thus, Premier PR is capable of helping Sri Lankan companies to carry their message to target audiences in other countries too.

some of deepika's media contributions

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Enhancing the dignity of female apparel employees

"Cooptition" for the love of the Nation

"Self Paradigm" to build a nation of integrity

Ideas for a better world from a woman's perspective


We create awareness, stimulate sales, facilitate communication and build Relationships between consumers and companies and brands.


We use PR Strategies and PR tools to help Achieve marketing objectives.


We Communicate your message to the target group precisely and on time.


We make your story interesting and lively and credible